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Troubleshooting Difficult Appliances

Few things are more frustrating than appliances that simply won't stop having trouble. In addition to disrupting your daily routine, appliances with problems can also absorb a great deal of your time. A few months ago, I spent an entire Saturday trying to figure out why our dishwasher wasn't working. To end these kinds of problems, I decided that it would be smart to invest in an appliance services plan. Simply put, professional technicians would come out and repair our appliances whenever they stopped working properly. This plan was a lifesaver for our family, and this blog is all about why.

Repairing Your Refrigerator

11 October 2021
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If your home's refrigerator experiences a major failure, it can result in your food being spoiled which can be costly and put you at risk of suffering food poisoning. There are four problems that can be especially common with refrigerators. Motor Failure Your refrigerator will have a motor that helps to circulate the refrigerant through the system's cools or that powers a blower to move cool air over the condenser coils. Read More …

Common Reasons Why Your Oven Heats Unevenly

10 May 2021
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When you have a nice oven, you expect it to work correctly and cook evenly. However, even the best ovens can have problems. In the past, you could blame uneven cooking problems on the chef. Today's modern ovens have many features and controls that can stop working. When that happens, you will need an experienced appliance repair service for help. Here some of the most common reasons why your high-end oven may bake unevenly (other than basic cooking mistakes). Read More …