3 Of The Most Costly Mistakes You Can Make With Your Front-Loading Washing Machine

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3 Of The Most Costly Mistakes You Can Make With Your Front-Loading Washing Machine

17 March 2015
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Sitting there on the showroom floor of the appliance store, those shiny and new front-loading washing machines look like a laundry doer's dream come true. An array of settings for temperature, control over spin speed, and even water efficiency that is hard to match make these modern washing machines a top choice for many appliance shoppers. Even though their top-chosen status is perfectly warranted, these washers can come along with a set of operating practices you have to be careful to avoid. Otherwise, your fancy, digital-paneled, front-loader will land you more than one service call to the appliance center for help.

Mistake: Overuse of Laundry Soap and Other Products.

Why? One of the hardest things for modern front-load washing machine owners to get used to is the fact that recommended amounts of soap and laundry products must be followed to the letter. Too much soap will actually get caught up in your laundry and not get rinsed out appropriately. Too much fabric softener, often made with fatty alcohols or even clay, can ruin the internal water passageways of your new washer if not closely monitored. Even too much chlorine bleach can be hard on the rubber seal that keeps the door from leaking water during wash cycles.

Mistake: Closing Off Your Damp Washer After Washing.

Why? With a traditional washer, you likely made it a habit to close the lid after your removed your clean clothing. When you own a front-loading washing machine, it is best to leave the door open for a while to allow the internal chambers to dry. Because this washer is designed to be air-tight, mold and mildew can quickly take over and wreak havoc on components of the machine, such as the seal and drive belts.

Mistake: Expecting Too Much Cleaning Power.

Why? Front-load washing machines are incredibly efficient at getting clothes clean without a lot of water. However, the key that you have to remember is these machines do not offer a water level setting and your clothing will not be soaking in a tub to eliminate large clumps of dirt or other material. never toss in muddy clothes or shirts soiled with large amounts of heavy material. The washer does not have the diluting power to dissolve these solids, and this could lead to a lot of problems with water drainage.

Before you commit to that amazing front-load washing machine you spot at the appliance center, make sure you understand that this laundry experience will be different. With the right care and attention, your washing machine can last just as long as any other model, but it is up to you to make it happen. Contact Prompt Appliance Services, Inc. for more information.