4 Important Keys To Dryer Maintenance

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4 Important Keys To Dryer Maintenance

19 January 2016
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When you want to receive the absolute best performance from your dryer over the years, it will take some effort on your behalf. The way you proactively take care of your dryer will indicate how long it lasts, how efficiently it operates and how well you are able to avoid safety issues. With this in mind, take advantage of these maintenance tips below and do not hesitate to touch base with a dryer repair service for more help. 

#1: Clean Out The Filters, Lint And Hoses As Needed

Since $87 million in property damage occurs each year due to obstructions, there are some frequent dryer maintenance steps you must follow. This includes cleaning out the rubber hoses, changing lint filters and removing any lint that may be causing an obstruction inside of your dryer. Handling these steps every month will carry you far. 

#2: Perform Some Monthly Maintenance Steps

You should also be mindful of monthly maintenance steps that will let you know when something looks out of the ordinary. Since your dryer spins frequently, you may end up dealing with crimps or bends in the moving parts. You may also find that you have broken or loose gaskets. Grab a flash light and check on these sorts of issues at least once per month. Once you catch one of these problems, make sure that you fix it as quickly as possible and discontinue use of the dryer until you have done so. 

#3: Check On The Dryer Ducts

The most important and most potentially dangerous part of your dryer is the duct system. You need to always be able to have it expel exhaust without becoming obstructed or overheated. In that regard, you should check and inspect the dryer ducts at least every two years. You might need to inspect it more frequently depending on the model of dryer and how often you use it. This will help you to avoid fire hazards and to make sure that your dryer is always operating properly. 

#4: Hire A Professional

One of the best ways to keep up with your dryer is through the help of a dryer service professional. They can give you ongoing maintenance as part of your warranty or a service plan that will prove invaluable for your dryer. This is the greatest investment you can make in order to keep your appliances running smoothly and safely. 

Keep these four points in mind to make the most of your dryer.