Burgers To Go: Refrigeration Needs For A For A Burger Food Truck

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Burgers To Go: Refrigeration Needs For A For A Burger Food Truck

17 August 2016
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One particular genre of restaurants that is growing in popularity are food trucks. Food trucks can often be cheaper than your average restaurant, plus you can drop by and grab something to go anytime you are nearby without having to wait to be seating or waiting for a server. For many, having food prepared in front of you also take away the anxiety of trusting a restaurant to prepare food. If you plan to own a food truck that makes burgers, you may need your refrigeration to be set up in an appropriate manner. Here are some setup ideas for good truck refrigeration. 

Freezers on the front end of the truck

Even a good, tight freezer can be affected if it is constantly coming into contact with heat. If you are running a food truck in the summer time, and you will be opening the doors, plus the side windows to serve customers, it is best to have the meat freezers in the front of the truck, near the front seats. This will keep the freezers from being affected by the hot air that comes into the truck when the doors and windows are opened in the back 

Pick side swinging doors with prep space

To get burgers in and out for customers, you will need appropriate prep space, plus plenty of room for the meat and ingredients that you need to prepare the burgers. In order to have maximum space, get refrigerators that sit low and have a stainless steel countertop. Stainless steel is non-porous, making it an excellent prep top, as materials and bacteria cannot get inside of the material itself. This means that you can easily sanitize the refrigerator and its top for proper prep and grilling. The swing size doors for the refrigerator make opening and closing the refrigerator simple and out of the way after you transfer items to the prep surface. 

Mist tops for the refrigerator

Another service that you will need to get from a commercial refrigeration service is a mist for the interior. Since you will be putting fresh vegetables on burgers, you will need to be able to store fresh vegetables directly on the prep surface. Have a misting system installed on or above the refrigeration and prep surface by your commercial refrigerator specialists. This will keep the vegetables fresh while sitting out in the truck. The mist can also help to keep the inside of the food truck cool, making the environment better for employees and for the leftover food at the end of the day. 

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