Got A Stinky Front-Load Washer? Try These Quick Hacks To Bust Those Bad Odors

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Got A Stinky Front-Load Washer? Try These Quick Hacks To Bust Those Bad Odors

18 August 2016
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When you toss your dirty clothes in the washing machine, do they come out smelling worse than they did when they went in? And does your washer have an odd odor even when it is sitting empty? You are likely dealing with a stinky front-load washing machine. These washing machines may have their perks, such as low water usage and quiet operation, but some of the past models have had some serious issues--especially where odors are concerned. Instead of using loads of fabric softener and dryer sheets to eliminate the odors, there are a few hacks you should try to bust those bad odors in your front-load washing machine. 

Carefully clean the rubber seal around the door. 

If there is one good place for bad things to hide out in your washing machine, it is around the rubber seal which keeps water in during the wash cycle. The soft flexible material bends and moves to allow dirt, debris, and moisture to get trapped in tiny crevices. Over time, this gunk accumulates, and it can start to radiate a horrendous odor. So, your biggest problem could lie in this area. Take an old cloth saturated with warm soapy water and clean all around this seal, being careful not to pull it out of place as you do. 

Make sure your washing machine is not "soap locked."

If the stench from your washing machine is accompanied by poor drainage issues during the spin cycle, it could mean your appliance is "soap locked." Even though this sounds like a scary situation, it is actually fairly easy to fix because it just means that the drainage holes inside the basket are caked with soap scum, which is preventing proper drainage. This can create a pretty tell-tale odor of mildew inside of your washing machine. Run the washer through a basket clean cycle using bleach and hot water. As an added note, you can add a small amount of vegetable oil to the basket to help break up soap residue. 

Take out the washing machine filter and give it a good cleaning. 

Because the drainage system of a washing machine is so prone to blockage, most front-load washing machines have a small filter attached to the primary drainage hose. This filter captures all that junk that makes its way into the washer but does not break down, such as hair or small bits of grass or gravel. If you don't clean this filter occasionally, the junk that collects will start to emit a pretty bad odor. Find your washing machine's filter and pull it out to give it a thorough cleaning. 

If you're unable to solve your stinky washer problem on your own, contact an appliance repair company like ASAP Appliance Repair, Inc. for assistance.