What To Do If Your Washing Machine Isn't Adding Water

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What To Do If Your Washing Machine Isn't Adding Water

21 August 2019
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Your washing machine can only work properly if it has water to wash your clothing. If your machine is running, spinning, and draining, but no water is getting onto your clothes, you could end up with a big mess. Your clothing could be ruined with all of that soap and no water to rinse it off. If your machine isn't getting any water, read on for tips to help you make the repair yourself.

Check The Supply Hose

Inspect the water supply hose to be sure you don't have a leak or any issues with clogs. Turn off the water supply and remove the hose. Inspect the fittings and the hose itself, as well as the area surrounding your washing machine to be sure you didn't have any water around the machine. Take a look through the hose to ensure the hose isn't clogged with debris. If the hose is damaged or clogged, replace the hose with a new one.

Check The Water Supply Lines

If the hose wasn't the issue, inspect the hoses connected to the water hose on your machine. Inspect the water supply lines as well as the water shutoff valve. If you spot any leaks or issues with these areas, they will need to be replaced. If you aren't sure about making this type of repair, calling a plumber is a better choice to ensure it is repaired properly.

Inspect The Machine

Take a look inside your machine at the water supply hose inside it. Make sure this hose isn't clogged. You may need to take off a few parts of the machine and look through your manufacturer's instructions in order to see this hose. If the hose isn't the issue, it may be a problem with the electronic portion of your machine. If the machine isn't receiving the right signal that will tell it what to do, it isn't going to work properly. If you aren't sure about working with electronics on your machine, call a professional washing machine repair technician for help with this repair. Other issues could be that your machine is overloaded, or that it simply needs to be cleaned out thoroughly. If after trying a smaller load and cleaning the machine it is still not working, call a repair technician for help.

Your washing machine cannot clean your clothing without water. If your machine isn't getting any water inside the machine, your clothing could get ruined. Call a professional washer repair service for help.