3 Surprising Signs That Your Fridge Is Broken

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3 Surprising Signs That Your Fridge Is Broken

27 May 2022
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A refrigerator is one modern convenience that most homeowners can't live without. High-end refrigerators can cost thousands of dollars, so you probably want to maximize the life of this valuable appliance.

Being able to spot the need for minor repairs can be a great way to prevent your high-end refrigerator from becoming totally obsolete. Here are three surprising signs to watch for as you monitor the performance of your fridge in the future.

1. Your Food Spoils Quicker

Modern homeowners spend a lot of money on groceries each month. You rely on your fridge to keep these groceries fresh and edible. When your fridge starts to break down, your food items could begin spoiling faster than usual.

Slight temperature changes inside your fridge are enough to cause early spoilage. You may not feel the temperature difference when you open your fridge door, so it's important that you track the expiration dates on your food items over time.

If you notice that most of your foods are spoiling quicker than usual, contact an appliance repair technician to troubleshoot the thermostat or rubber seal on your refrigerator.

2. You See Condensation

Condensation occurs when warm and cold air meet. If you are seeing condensation inside your refrigerator, this means that the appliance isn't able to maintain a proper seal between the interior of the fridge and the inside of your home.

The most common culprit behind condensation inside of a refrigerator is a faulty door seal. These seals are made from rubber that can easily dry out and crack over time.

An appliance repair specialist will be able to replace the door seal and restore the proper separation of warm and cold air inside your fridge.

3. You Hear the Fridge Running

Most homeowners become accustomed to the slight humming sound produced by their high-end refrigerator. If you begin to notice that your fridge is louder than usual, this could mean that your fridge is starting to break down.

A motor within the fridge helps run the compressor when interior temperatures rise above set levels. Your fridge will be louder when the motor is running.

If you notice that the motor is running constantly or that it starts and stops multiple times throughout the day, there is a problem with the temperature regulation mechanisms inside your fridge.

A repair technician can address these problems before they cause excessive wear to your fridge's mechanical components. For more info, contact a local service.