5 Times To Ask A Contractor To Service A Dishwasher

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5 Times To Ask A Contractor To Service A Dishwasher

8 December 2022
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Dishwasher servicing is a near inevitability of owning such an appliance. The sooner you have a contractor look at a dishwasher, the better the odds are there will be a solution. A dishwasher will show these five signs that it's time to ask for help.


One of the more obvious signs of trouble is that the system is leaking. Even if you're comfortable tightening the fittings, it's worth looking at them before you try to do the job yourself. If you see rust developing, it's best to call a professional so you don't risk breaking components by twisting nuts. Also, if you can't locate the source of the leak, there's a high probability that a seal or an internal line has failed. This is also a problem for a pro.

Dishes Aren't Clean

At the end of the cleaning cycle, your dishes should be clean. You can verify that you're correctly following the manufacturer's instructions for your model. If that doesn't help, then there's a bigger problem. Even if the fix is just dishwasher filter maintenance, you'll be glad you called a contractor. There could also be bigger issues, such as a pump failure, clogged spraying arms, a burned-out heating element, or a broken impeller.

Long Cycles

You should have a good sense of how long the wash cycle takes on your system. If it starts taking longer than usual, a component may be failing or starting to wear out. Something as simple as a problem with the thermostat or time can throw the cycle off significantly. Even if the dishwasher still does the job, these issues can cost you extra on your electricity and water bills. Have a dishwasher servicing contractor inspect the system if the cycles are running longer than usual.

Trouble Draining

A dishwasher should always drain within a few minutes of the cycle's end. There may be a clog in the drain lines or even in the pipe. Your system might also require dishwasher filter maintenance.

Even if the dishwasher eventually does drain, it's bad to let water sit there. The dishwasher will not self-clean effectively if the drain leaves dirt in place too long. Also, poor drainage can encourage mold.


Modern dishwashers should be relatively quiet. While none will be perfectly silent, you should have a sense of how noisy is too noisy. Especially if you hear clunking or grinding sounds, it's time for dishwasher servicing.

For more information about dishwasher servicing, contact a local professional.